Do you need a healthy mind?

So I had lots of questions in my head . I wondered if mental health is a real thing. Like something as important as physical health. And what if something goes wrong with the brain? Sounds weird? Brain is regulated by what we think, how we take things. ‘Think positive always’, that’s what we have been hearing since our childhood.The function of our heart is to pump blood, the lungs do the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. But sometimes they fail. And then we rush to the doctor and get it treated, there is no shame in that, right? Everyone understands, can happen with anyone.
But when it comes to mental illness, do you get the same response? How aware we are about having a healthy brain? In a layman’s language, brain has certain Chemicals like serotonin,oxytocin, dopamine etc which regulate our behaviour, our emotions as well as our actions.What if the proportion of these chemicals is imbalanced sometimes. You might need help? Yes you do need medical help. But how accommodative are we when comes to mental well being. So you would say that people are pretty conscious these days, you might give me Deepika’s and Eleana’s example. I know that they are doing a good job by being vocal about it and they received the well deserved applause.But is it the same when a common man suffers from mental illness. The answer is a sad ‘No’. Most of us don’t understand. We always have a tendency to think mental illness as an escape for avoidance of failure, something that is totally a responsibility of the person facing it, and above all it is often connected with weak willpower and weak personality. But let me tell you all, brain is also an organ, ye bh bimaar ho sakta hai. Depression, anxiety attacks, Obsessive compulsions are some common forms of poor mental health. After reading this post, I expect all of you to be emphatic towards such people. When the society fails to understand them, such people develop self doubt,commitment issues not with others but with themselves. And last, but not the least, stop using words like depression, anxiety attack so casually that when a person actually suffers from such things, he/she is not taken seriously.


Are addiction and obsession same, Jack asked Jenny. It was hard for the witty Jenny to answer. After a while, she labelled both of them as a way of avoidance of failure. Addiction or obsession both provide a temporary shelter against failure. Jack inquisitevely asked what if the obsession is for a person, not of drugs or anything else. Jenny could sense the pain in Jack’s eyes. Jack has always been an exceptionally brilliant person in his professional life but he felt everything a little too much when it came to his personal life. After much struggle, he finally had to seek medical help where he was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD). Is it like doing things repeatedly, washing hands etc., read about it once, Jenny exclaimed! Jack answered that there is more to it . Jenny felt that this was all a matter of self control. Jack dint say anything. Was the deaddiction or deobsession all a matter of self control or there is more to it?

Jack and Jenny-The talk

It’s okay to not reach on time some days, Jenny told Jack. Jack was very furious. He hurriedly wore his strap bag forgetting the keys to the door. Look, I told you to be patient, Jenny said mockingly. Jack stomped off angrily to his destination. Jenny followed Jack to ensure that he does fine. Jenny always challenged Jack’s approach towards life often asking uncomfortable questions. Jack was a perfectionist, often feeling the compulsion to do certain things in a specified manner. Everyone looked up to him. But nobody ever understood the storm inside of him that often tried to wash away his ability to perform. Jenny asked about the painting that Jack was making since one month. Jack felt that it was still an average one, requiring more polishing. The next thing that Jenny was to come up with is going to leave Jack amazed. “Average is the new awesome”, Jenny giggled.